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Player Conduct Guideline Version 1.3

posted Jan 07, 2011 22:09:28 by Rebelboy18
The following is a simple code of conduct that players must consider when interacting in any game developed my Splitscreen studios. Failure to comply with these rules may result in actions taken against your account.

1. You must not harass, discriminate, threaten or otherwise “grief” players in anyway.

2. Use of offensive language in such as those that are of a racist nature, obscene, sexual,abusive, real life threatening or anti-religious are strictly forbidden and will punished accordingly ranging from warnings, muting, jailing or permanent banning depending on severity. Since harassment and offensive language is is a broad term that can be interpretable in many ways, it is up to the discretion of the senior staff members to decide what is would be deems are harassing or offensive to a reasonable person.

The Penalty for violating Rules 1 & 2 is Tier Based – The more you violate them the more severe your Penalty. Penalty starts with a Warning. After 3 Warnings you will be muted for a period of time. After the 5th Warning/2nd Mute you will be put on a Habitual Offender Standing & also go to Jail for a period of time. Should you get to a 7th Violation, Your account may/will be permanently banned from all Splitscreen Studios Games.

3. You must not use or transmit any content which is protected by intellectual property laws unless you own these rights or have procured the necessary permissions. You will be liable for any legal implications that result from any infringements of copyright, trademarks and any other proprietary rights.

4. Impersonating any past or present employees of Splitscreen Studios or any if its affiliates is strictly forbidden.

5. You must not use any of Splitscreen Studio owned games or websites for commercial purposes such as as advertising.

6. You must not use any Splitscreen Studio owned games or websites to conduct trades or transfer of any illegal or pirated software.

7. Transferring or trading of accounts in Splitscreen Studio owned games are strictly forbidden as all virtual property within Splitscreen Studio owned games belongs to Splitscreen studio or its affiliates.
(This includes Account Sharing – Use of Account by other than Registered Player of that account).

8. You must not organise or be a member of any groups or clans that facilitate or are based on racist, anti-religious or other hate based philosophies.

9. You must not modify the game client in any way or attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with any data transmissions to and from the servers servicing any Splitscreen Studio games.

The Penalty for violating Rules 7, 8 & 9, is Immediate Ban of Your Player Account followed within 24 hours with a Permanent Account Banishment from All Splitscreen Studios Games. There is/will not be any Grounds for Appeal for Violating any of these 3 Rules.

Violation of Rule 7 will result in not only the Banishment of the Shared Account, but also Banishment of the Accounts of all Players involved in the Account Sharing.

10. You must not operate or play on any servers that operate Splitscreen Studio owned games that is not also operated by Splitscreen Studio.

11. You must not hold Splitscreen Studios or its affiliate responsible for any loss of data or virtual property or usage resulting from information passed between players or server stability such as restarts and crashes; both of which are out with our control. Splitscreen Studios or its affiliates will never ask for your login details as we do not need them. The only information that we require is your pilot name and server that your pilot is located.

12. You must provide clear, high resolution screens shot evidence of any offence that you wish to report as offences is not be actionable without conclusive evidence provided by the reporter. Investigations will not be initiated without proper initial screenshot evidence.

Offenders are placed on a 7 tier punishment structure beginning with warnings to permanent banning. Depending on the severity of the offence we reserve the right to move an account to immediate ban or any other tier if necessary.

Swearing policy

Public Chat

Swearing is not permitted at all in public chat. This is regulated by staff like myself (CM)and the GM's. Offenders will be punished accordingly. If you are offended by public chat swearing, You can send a screenshot (Screenshot Tutorial) to a GM in forums or send to where it will be passed to a GM to act upon. Please always include your pilot name and server.

Clan Chat

The swearing policy in clan chat is regulated by the clan admiral. If a clan admiral allows swearing in their clan chat, it is up to the clan members to petition the admiral if they are against it.
Squad and Private Chat

Swearing is allowed only on the consensus of the parties involved. If everyone in the squad or private chat is fine with swearing then it is not a problem. However, private chat is not an open invitation to direct swearing and other such abuse to players. If you are offended by someone swearing at you in private chat, You can send a screenshot to a GM in forums or send to where it will be passed to a GM to act upon. Please always include your pilot name and server.

Swearing at Staff or GM

This is strictly prohibited as we do not take staff abuse lightly. You will be exempt form the normal punishment structure and dealt with as the senior staff see fit which can range from warning to jail time or permanent banning.

We reserve the right to record all information on player activities in order to verify player claims, troubleshoot technical issues and for policy enforcement. We are within our rights to keep this information confidential unless warranted by a court of law to provide evidence.
We reserve the right to amend or change these player conduct guidelines without your consent and at any time.

If you do not wish to accept any of the articles detailed within this player conduct guideline please desist from playing any game owned or operated by Splitscreen Studios.
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