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New release date

posted Jan 07, 2011 22:05:44 by Rebelboy18
The next release update will be on January the 26th in 2011.

What will be in it and what is planned for it.
We mainly focused on this release on the unwanted frustration in-game and also to improve the entry into the game.

The bullet-points are as follows:

* The main chat (system wide) will now also include the position of the players as it already works with the quick chat
* The chat messages now does not vanish once the zone is changed, meaning the chat messages stay
* An ignore list will be added into the game. With the help of this list you will be given the possibility to not get private messages from someone or filter their messages in the chat
* The starbase tutorial will be removed from the game
* The movement of every ship although if no movement destination is given will be removed. This means the ship will hover in a place until further orders are given
* Server choice option after the login will be removed and made easier you also will choose your pilot not your server, if you have more than one pilot
* News about the game will not be shown after loging into the game but will be in an extra tab in the side menu
* The repairdroid will integrated into the starter ship
* Energy-capacity will be increased
* The loading screen will show additional hints and promotions
* The new loot system concerning blueprint and cryonite
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